The only place to read about Harper College from Harper College students VOLUME 50, ISSUE 1 – NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Halloween Happenings

There were many haunted houses to explore this time of year, but there’s one nearby location in particular that’s notable for its history of paranormal activity, unsolved murders, missing people, unexplained cyanide spills, and cult activity. The Evil Intentions Haunted House was formerly known as an Eglin Casket Company, but due to these spine-chilling events, the factory had to shut its doors. It’s now been converted into an entertaining hot spot that attracts thrill seekers and paranormal investigators. The haunted house also offers other compelling activities, such as escape rooms and ghost tours, making it an ideal Halloween destination.

Fellow Harper students had a number of Halloween plans this year. Here are a few things that were planned:

  • “I’m going to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America before Halloween, and take my little sister trick-or-treating.” – Nishat Ali
  • “I’m going to a costume party with friends, and I also might be going to Cedar Point for Halloweekend.” – Melanie Ayala
  • “I’m going trick-or-treating as a deer. I pass for a middle schooler so I can still go
    trick-or-treating.” – Maria R.



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